The Buzz(ed) Track

Welcome to the official website of The Buzzed Track, the podcast with the odd cast of outcasts – I’m talking movie geeks, film nerds, and cinephiles. And when we’re discussing our love for motion pictures, we like to do it with a drink in hand.

The idea for The Buzzed Track came after we figured our conversations about the movies we were watching should be recorded in a podcast form. Because there’s nothing quite like discussing a shared love of cinema while sipping on a cold drink.

Host Kevin Woods will be joined from time to time by a rotating group of like-minded film-junkies to discuss movie news, talk about what we’ve been watching, toss out some mini-reviews, play some games, crack some jokes, and partake of some delicious adult beverages. We’ll also have the occasional interview with someone working within the wild and wacky world of film, as well as visits from some zany characters who also need to have their voices and opinions heard.

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